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"Down Syndrome - something hardcore/grind" - many will think, looking on the name. Sing as well as all grinders: about meat, illnesses, distortions... You're wrong! This group from Perm (Russia) minces melodic black. Why didn't they named the band as all "normal black bands" 666th Child Of Satan or Mysanthroponecrosatonihilist (cool, yeah?). Not all at once... The vocalist of group Iron and guitarist Kostja Answer.

Scorpio: Greetings! What are latest news from your camp?

Iron:We have finished work above the first song for a new album,but I've not thought up the name.

S: You debut album was self-recorded, really any label has not paid attention to you?Especially your style, it is possible to call today "fashionable" in metal. Borgirsdo not leave a top of metal charts, especially in the CIS-states.

Iron:The matter is that before recording of "Sacrilege" group did not apply any effortsto be heard by somebody outside our fucken small town.Short of pair - three exit concerts in our republic.

S: How many neighbours during songs recording, you forced to stop up ears?Was there many dissatisfied pensioners? :)

Iron:The official statistics was not conducted, but taking into account the factthat we worked mostly in the afternoon when the great bulk of neighbours was on the workplacesto great affliction very few people from them could take pleasure in sorts of our album.
Kostia:you have overlooked, that two oldmen were taken away somewhere by "ambulance"!As it became known later - in local Psichiatric Clinic with the diagnosis the Down Syndrome...Now they are our fans!

S: By the way I congratulate you with a anniversary of 10 years!Borgirs are this year 10 too, but their popularity is bigger than yours.And how you in general consider, why the Russian and Ukrainian stage is not wellknown in Europe? State whenever possible the estimation of a metal-life of the CIS.

Iron:Thanks for congratulations! I have lead interrogation few days agoamong girls - teenagers and that was found out: in our city we are more popularthan Dimmu Borgir!
Kostia:You see, in our country people are fully in houshold activities, i.e. the house,family, job for many have priority value therefore the majority of fates - musicianscannot devote itself to creativity completely...
Iron:Bullshit! Just "our stage" doesn't do anything to become known, or does too little.There is a weight of examples when people which too work on usual work achieved theworld recognition and live usual families.There are many great bands in Ukraine and Russia, so let's kick ass the whole Europe!

S: Let's talk a little about a history of a band.Your name at you is typical grind. Or there are doctors among you?

I.:the Group was founded the city of Perm, Republics Komi in 1993, having called"Down Syndrome". Then the band entered Konstantin Grehnev - guitar, Oleg Poliakov -bass, Dmitrii Kriukov - drums/vocal. In 1993 we recorded a demo "Down Syndrome".One year later, with participation of one more guitarist, have copied this material,having added a few new songs. In 1996 again have three together given birthto one more demo "Eternal Flesh ". After that group left Hooks. But in 1999,besides in new line-up (the new vocalist and the bass player, and alsodrum-machine Alesis SR-16 have joined group), album "Blooddecay", recorded on CD-Rhad appeared. One year later line-up changed again - appeared thekeyboard player, drummer and I. In such line-up we have recorded "Sacrilege".Recently have taken the second guitarist and if he will not try, the line-uponce again will undergo changes. There are no doctors among us, just in the beginningof career group played thrash/death metal.From here and passion to everyones shit/genital chesspieces and different illnesses.But as the line-up frequently varied, the concept has accordingly changed.

S: Will the Russian army prevent the group more?

I.:I hope, no, it won't. The keyboard player will return soon and he is last demobilizationin group The others for a long time have served, except the second guitaristwho does not want to serve in army.

S: What purposes are put to itself by group at present and what is most treasured dream?

I.:Something to drink, Somebody to fuck! Ha-Ha! Also we dream, that oncewe'll get normal alive drummer. And still we want, that any Russian labelhas undertaken to issue our albums!

S: What can tell about a metal-life of your region? About your active participation in it?

I.: Is it a life? Only one metal group in the whole city!There is also hardcore bands, punks and industrials. All of us sometimes play in the localHouse of Officers, entertaining local not numerous public.

S: In what are engaged musicians besides the composition and playing music?

I.:Except the keyboard player who meanwhile approximately serves on fleet,all others work. At leisure we like to have a drink beer, to listen to good music.Besides I like to carry out educational conversations with members of sect "Witnesses ofIegoua", especially with its female half.

S: Tell your the favourite joke, it is desirable connected with heavy music.

I.:Once come Christian Vilkernes (Burzum - aut. com.) in church...

S: What hobbies: books, films, music?

K.:I read nothing, I look good Soviet cinema and I listen to the European heavy music...
I.:the biggest my hobby is a nothingsdoing.I with pleasure would be engaged in it all life!From books I hate papersoiling by Castaneda and similar. It is pleasant to readA.S.Pushkin's verses (from which favourite are - "Variantes en l'honneur de m-lle NN" and"The Christ Has Revived"), "Sillmalirion" by Tolkien and the Bible.Favourite films - "The Love and The Doves", "Snatch", "Dogma".From music - many is pleasant, so it is easier to list that I do not digest:chanson, so-called Russian rock (Zrmfira and similar bullshit), so-called Russian rap,and also disliked such groups as Aria and In Flames.Our second guitarist looks films, such as "American Pie",reads a fantasy and detectives, listens to euro-metal,especially likes In Flames and Aria. The bass player reads,looks and listens to different fucken bullshit such as Korol I Shut (King and Joker - Russian punk group - aut. com.)...The Keyboard player listens mostly to black, and reads letters from native and friends...

S: On what festival you dream to play?

K.:On such where we would get good mood...
I.:... also have provided orgasm to all present girls. And it is better - two orgasms.

S: At last a pair of words to our readers:

K.:Citizens of Ukraine! Send us true "horilka" (ukrainian vodka - aut.com.), and also bigpiece of bacon for our glutton-vocalist!

S: I wish you successes!


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