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Recent years has revealed more and more Belarus bands into x-USSR scene. And here we come across another band wishing to make a worldwide Slavic acclaim. Let us introduce you these Slavic War Black Metal Art representatives, we've been interviewing via e-mail.

Fess: You've just had a new album released. Did you experience any fresh feeling when recording it? How was theprocess going in general?

Kargan: Actually we can hardly talk of it as of recent event. The recording took place two years ago. And then ittook about a year to see it released. Line up changes and certain recording delays - these are "Last Day Before the EndlessNight" reminiscences. In the course of time we started working over new stuff entitled "Ta Natas" which is estimated to berecorded soon.

Fess: Don't you think you lack other guitar having weakened sound, any plans to obtain another player?

Kargan: We have had such plans but none of candidates was eager to share our musical viewpoints, finally we quitted theidea.

"Last Day Before The Endless Night"Fess: Who is the basic source of band creativity?

Kargan: Everyone is. Each member's viewpoint is taken into account. We manage to find truth throughout arguments withoutany quarrels.

Fess: So you don't come across conflicts within your band?

Kargan: Yes, no conflicts at all. Of course we have some disagreements but we respect each other so much to turndisagreements into conflicts. And disagreements remain our inner affair.

Fess: What are your latest happenings and future plans?

Kargan: We have already had "Ta Natas" pre-recording demo recorded. It was done in 5 track DAT studio and of course it isjust a crude version of the album, yet maybe someone would feel interest towards raw sound. You will find new songs soon inour download section, yet our site is temporary under construction.

Fess: Your new material will sound close to your debut, have you introduced new elements?

Kargan: It gonna be definitely new. Another approach, absence of instrumentals blended with black vanguard in musicformation, melodies and riffs. Pretty much noise and electronics! Yet expect no mercy or compromises, no Kovenant, no popsand no steps back.

Fess: Which problems do you think any black (or metal) band is destined to meet? What prevents our bands from raising thescene, look what the Finnish have done!!!

Kargan: I don't believe the Finnish scene being raised high. I adore IMPALED NAZARENE as the only black metal band inFinland. In fact all standards are established by musicians themselves, the only problem is to achieve the goal. In case youare content with coping your fave bands or playing local gigs then you won't achieve anything. It won't have any sense. Theproblem of low leveled life remains urgent of course, it's awfully hard to play music without efficient background money. Ialso doubt that musicians in Finland became rich, life (and beer!)is expensive abroad.

Fess: Your www-site claims; "We create music for people and praise almost every nation…" What does it mean - "almost"?

Kargan: These are personal viewpoints of some bandmembers. I am not eager to give my comments.

Fess: What do you think of black metal popularization executed by CRADLE OF FILTH family? How do you like CRADLE?

Kargan: They are performing interesting music… which I don't listen to. Still popularization is a good thing, it enlargesbounders of perception. The pyramid needs a broad ground. Yet the ground is not the summit.

Fess: So you don't mind ideology being commercialized. Can we say that INFESTUM is a commercial band?


Kargan: As soon as we have a limousine delivering us from hotel to concern hall and as soon as we booze champagne inbloodbaths of private clubs and our golden albums sold out I don't mind claiming INFESTUM a commercial band. It will be ourblessing for our true service, let the Christians be poor. Anyway I have money in store and I am not striving to make moneywith my music. We have some other goals.

Fess: You play Slavic Black Metal Art, are you intended to promote this style worldwide?

Kargan: Slavic is our national opposition to Norsk Arisk. Still this doesn't restrict the circle of listeners. The album isalmost devoid of folk motives. Maybe we shall have a separate release done for Slavonians.

Fess: Are you acquainted with NOKTURNAL MORTUM? Have you thought of making a similar mixture of metal and traditionalinstruments?

Kargan: Yes I know NOKTURANAL MORTUM very well and suppose our joint gig was one of the best in our career. Three years agowe though of using traditional instruments to emphasize Slavic melodies. But NOKTURNAL MORTUM remains an undisputed leader.We are not the followers, we have our own way.

Fess: Which countries would you love to visit as a touring band?

Kargan: Any countries, we are striving to play as many gigs as possible. I don't mind playing gigs in Britain or Japan,ha-ha. I've heard a lot about Kiev and splendid Ukrainian fans. Hopefully we shall come to you soon.

Fess: Your final wishes to fans and our readers.

Kargan: Remain yourselves!


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